IOT delivers new possibilities

Utilising the latest IOT technologies Quill collects and analyses relevant machine data such as vibration, temperature, torque, pressure, run time, power consumption and much more, providing plant managers with a consolidated view of all machine data, via a web or mobile interface.

Proactively monitor, analyse and resolve

With 24x7 automated monitoring and alerting, Quill removes the need for manual monitoring or measurement, helping you to improve plant stability and realize significant savings in servicing costs.

Quill quickly identifies under-performing assets using advanced analytics to help identify the root cause of performance anomalies and to also predict impending failure. Forearmed with this insight preventative action can be taken by service teams to resolve issues and avoid costly interruptions or downtime.

Root cause analysis

Machines experience various issues throughout their operational lifespan. Vibration, temperature and pressure variations, overuse and misuse, inconsistent electrical supply and other factors can all negatively affect the performance your equipment. These problems often go unseen, leading to equipment failure before they can be detected and addressed.

Quill addresses this challenge by utilizing modern machine learning techniques to identify developing failures and alerting on it. We train our models with your data to identify abnormal operation and predict imminent failures helping you to take action before it’s too late.

Take control of your equipment maintenance

Quill’s anomaly detection provides accurate predictions of impending disruptions, giving you more time to plan maintenance activities. Aligning with your specific needs and continuously evaluating the operating conditions of your assets, Quill monitors and reports on machine condition as well as operational behaviour, allowing for more targeted maintenance planning and better management of servicing budgets.

Minimize downtime and improve the lifespan of your equipment

By enabling visibility of previously unavailable machine data, Quill empowers decision makers with insights into the performance, health and availability of their critical equipment, enabling them to take action in real-time to ensure that operations run smoothly and critical machines perform as intended.

Early detection and remediation of problems not only minimizes downtime, it also improves the working lifespan of the equipment by ensuring that it is performing optimally.


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