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Production Monitoring

Quill enhances production operations by enabling you to monitor production processes in operation. With real-time visibility of production line efficiency and customisable metrics such as material consumption and output, Quill provides actionable insights allowing production managers to identify and resolve production line issues quickly.

Visualize your entire production environment and drill down into individual lines, machines and specific metrics. Identify non-optimally performing assets and improve overall performance and process adherence. Quill securely stores performance history metrics, trends and analysis so you can assess both current and previous operating periods.

Quill’s open architecture allows it to integrate with multiple data sources and third-party devices, making it suitable for almost any environment and allowing customers to leverage their existing investments by complementing these with Quill’s rich insights to increase efficiency and productivity. Deploying Quill will help you to maximize the efficiency of critical production assets enabling you to ensure key metrics and production targets are met.

Condition Monitoring

Utilising advanced analytics and the latest IoT technologies, Quill collects and analyses important machine data such as vibration, temperature, torque, pressure, run time, power consumption and much more, providing a consolidated view of all machine data regardless of location.

Performance anomalies caused by component wear, misalignment or improper use can all lead to machine failure. Through advanced analytics and machine learning, Quill detects trends and provides early warning of deteriorating machine condition and impending problems, enabling preventative maintenance activities to be scheduled proactively and the lifetime of critical machinery to be extended. By avoiding unplanned downtime, costly interruptions to production are minimised and maintenance overheads are also greatly reduced.

Quill’s automated information gathering and analysis enables service teams to identify and manage irregularities from anywhere, without the need to gather data manually. And because the solution is cloud-based you can access both real-time and historic measurement data any time, from anywhere.

Solutions designed in Partnership with clients

Quill’s team of highly skilled engineers will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of the production flow within the plant, identifying the relevant data sources and mapping this to the physical plant.

Integration with your systems

Integration of Quill’s sensors and information gateway with your systems is programmed by our engineers who partner with your team to ensure they are familiar with the system components and operation.

Once deployed, Quill ingests data from your machines and learns from this data to determine optimum operating thresholds.

Pay only for what you use

Quill’s flexible licencing model allows you to access all of the benefits of Quill on a subscription basis without incurring the costly overhead of having to purchase and maintain the software yourself. Instead, we host the software, servers and databases in our secure cloud environment, enabling you to access it from anywhere and pay only for the resources that you consume for your individual requirements. And as your business requirements change, Quill’s scalability ensures it adapts with you and always fits your needs.

Plug & Play installation

Quill’s solution is modular and easily configured and expanded. With plug & play installation, integration of Quill’s sensors and information gateway with your systems is straightforward. With Quill you can start monitoring all of your machines in just a few hours.